“I don’t know what to believe anymore in these times…” is something that I am coming across more and more these days. But could it be that if we lived by Principles [meaning first and foremost], we wouldn’t need to believe anything? The Hermetic Principles, which are Principles on which the Universe and all of Existence is founded, are the magic Key that unlocks not just one but all the Doors. Understanding and living by them is the Key to Freedom.

Nobody can give us freedom. We ourselves create our freedom, and I, for one, wouldn’t want to miss out to discover and experience this myself. I once heard someone say that “A slave is someone who waits for someone else to free him”.

Freedom is something that is earned by resonating one’s own Frequency of Being with absolute Truth, and there’s Principles [first comes first] to that. In the hermetic sense, when we get a deep understanding of these dynamics, “all paradoxes may be reconsiled”. The Hermetic Principles act as a Great Reconsiler – I love it.

Spectrum of Polarity – Pendulum swinging…

The Principle of Polarity is one of the hermetic Principles. Using the analogy of a spectrum, there’s two ends of this spectrum, like Light and Dark. In Times of the Apocalype, these spectrums melt together. Uniting One End of the Spectrum [Controlsystem, Lies, Deceit, Problem-Reaction-Solution, Mind-Control, Obedience, the ‘Dark’] with Another End of the Spectrum [Freedom, Free Will, Truth Discovery, Humility, the Light], they both converge to the same Balance Point – The Zero Point – Where “all Paradoxes will be reconsiled”. Everyone’s playing their role in this great Unfoldment, and the only thing we need to do, from my view, is to be true to ourselves, for then we can best play our own role. Let go of control of what we cannot control.
Take on the Responsibility, which is the Ability to respond, and  the steering-wheel of what you can influence is yours. Every Action transforms Reality. We are all the One that changes the Outcome of our collective Experience.

And the Pendulum swings from one side to another. In this Dance of Life, the Paradox of being a Human Being in this world is being exposed. We live in two worlds at once. One is natural, one is artificial [a construct]. We seem to be trapped inside a Control-System [made possible only through a connection inside our minds, believing that any authority has power over ourselves] – while we are INTRINSICALLY connected [through the Heart] with Nature. The Pendulum swings and swings: We laughed and we cried, we hoped and we despaired, we danced and we withdrew – Micro- with Macrocosmic Influences going into Resonance with each other…
And NOW, both Sides of the Pendulum-Spectrum, according to the Principle of Polarity, are converging to Balance, to Silence, to the Source of all Power.
Relax into your Heart-Soul-Essence. All is good. In your Heart, you are already there and have always been there. Let yourself be pulled in. We are what we are. Pure Love.

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